Congratulations for selecting the world’s most advanced External Ammunition Sealant to waterproof your ammunition! To achieve the highest and the safest performance from your Accurizer kit, please read the provided Safety Data Sheet and application instructions completely before use. Additional information is available at

* Correctly applied, one bottle of Accurizer 1 can seal up to 2,000 5.56 caliber rounds completely – including the casemouths and primers!

* Shelf life for Accurizer 1 is for a minimum of one year when kept in the recommended conditions.


  1. Prepare your materials. You will need:
    1. One Hernon® unopened 10ml bottle of Hernon Accurizer Ammunition Sealant (included in kit).
    2. One Hernon® high power UV Flashlight with battery (both included in kit).
    3. One pack of Hernon® precision dispensing needle tips (included in kit).
    4. One pair of UV safety glasses. (Not included)
    5. One large pack of alchohol wipes. (Not included)
    6. One large pack of disposable Nitrile surgical gloves. (Not included. Available at many hardware stores, autoparts stores, etc.)
    7. One pair of scissors. (Not included)
    8. One disposable cup. (Not included)
    9. One undamaged plastic bag (for clean up). (Not included)
    10. Unsealed ammunition

  2. Before opening kit, immediately put on the UV safety glasses before any other step. This serves to protect your eyes from potentially harmful UV rays as well as any accidental splashing of ammunition sealant. UV Safety Glasses must be worn at all times when working with Hernon’s Accurizer Ammunition Sealing Kit.

  3. Use Nitrile safety protective gloves when using chemicals including Hernon’s Accurizer Ammunition Sealant.

  4. Open the box of ammunition to be sealed and expose cartridges so that all primers are facing upwards.

  5. Remove the cap from the unopened bottle of Hernon® Accurizer Ammunition Sealant. Note where to cut to open the bottle by preparing to remove 1/8” from the bottle tip. Carefully, without squeezing the bottle, cut the plastic tip off of the bottle as shown below without removing more than half of the second tier of the tip. * Note: If you overcut the bottle tip, the precision dispensing needle will not attach properly and your ammunition sealing process may be compromised.

  6. Once the bottle is cut open you will see a small hole in the tip. When the hole is visible, attach the precision dispensing tip. Make sure the tip is in place by pressing down gently but firmly without squeezing the bottle.

  7. When ready, hold the bottle at a 45° angle to primers and place the needle in the groove between the primer and cartridge. Gently start squeezing the bottle and apply a minimal amount of the Accurizer sealant to the primer / cartridge gap (groove). A small 1mm dot of sealant ( ) is sufficient. The sealant will flow around the gap creating a complete and continuous bead of sealant. Repeat this process on all of the cartridges to be sealed. Allow at least 1 minute for maximum sealant penetration before exposing to UV light.

  8. REMOVE AND DISCARD PAPER BATTERY BUFFER INSIDE OF FLASHLIGHT BEFORE FIRST USE. Using the UV flashlight, apply UV light to the sealant in the primer groove by holding the flashlight lens as close as possible to the sealant for maximum UV exposure. Use the highest continuous intensity of the U.V. flashlight for optimum performance.  Ensure each primer is exposed to UV light for a full 20 seconds before moving to the next cartridge primer. Once you have finished curing the entire group of primers, use alcohol wipes and gently wipe each primer to remove any excess or uncured material. Use fresh wipes as needed to avoid mess. Dispose of used alchohol wipes in the plastic bag.

  9. The primers are now sealed. One by one, flip the cartridges over to expose the case mouth where the casing and projectile meet.

  10. Similar to step 7, hold the bottle at a 45° angle and carefully place the dispensing needle on the joint between the bullet and the cartridge. Place a minimal amount of Accurizer in the joint and notice that the sealant will quickly wick around the circumference of the bullet creating a 360 degree bead. Proceed one by one until sealant has been applied to all casemouths.

  11. Similar to step 8, use the flashlight to apply UV light to each case mouth for 20 seconds. Rotate bullet ¼ turn every five seconds. Once all the case mouths have been cured with UV light, use the alchohol wipes to gently wipe each case mouth and remove any excess or uncured material. Use fresh wipes as needed to avoid mess. Dispose of used alchohol wipes in the plastic bag.

  12. Your cartridges have now been sealed. Let the sealant finish curing anaerobically by placing the cartridges in a secure location for 24 hours before use. While sealed ammunition can reliably resist water and other contaminants, remember to NEVER deliberately attempt to contaminate or damage ammunition before use.

  13. Clean Up: Remove disposable dispensing tip and reseal bottle. Return bottle, flashlight and dispensing tips to the case and place disposable materials (cup, used alchohol wipes and used dispensing tip) into the plastic bag. Carefully remove Nitrile gloves, place them in plastic bag and securely tie the bag closed before disposal. Remember that as with many chemicals, uncured ammunition sealant can be potentially hazardous and should be handled with care.

  14. Only now, when all other materials have been taken care of, is it safe to remove UV safety glasses.
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